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What are digital prints anyway?

Hi guys ♥

I’ve recently branched out and added so-called “digital prints” to my Etsy shop. I thought I would post and explain a bit about the ins and outs of digital prints.

What is a digital print?

A digital print is essentially an image file you can download and print at home or send to a printer. I include a license for unlimited personal printing with my listings, so you can be safe in the knowledge that no one can ever tell you that you don’t have the rights to print it. I provide high-resolution JPG files of 300 DPI or higher so you know your prints will come out looking fantastic!

What is the benefit of buying a digital print?

With physical prints the shipping costs can become incredibly large, especially when shipping internationally. This can often put the price up too high for buyers. With digital prints, you pay a small fee to be able to download the high quality print image. You can then get this printed in whichever format suits you best, giving you much more freedom with the style of print you prefer. For example, I personally prefer a matte finish on prints, but many people only sell high gloss prints. With a digital print you can choose your own finish, without the preference of the seller getting in your way.

What can I use a digital print for?

Anything printed! Digital prints can be used to print on paper, card, totebags, postcard to send to your friends, coasters, mousemats. Anything you can think of that is printed, you can use a digital print for. These are all included in the license I provide. Some sellers even let you use their digital prints as screensavers or desktop wallpapers.

Do I have to print a digital print at home?

It depends on the license you get from the seller. For all of my digital prints you are free to get them printed by a professional, so the quality is even better. You can, of course, print the picture at home if you wish to. It’s up to you!

What are the limits on digital prints?

Again, it depends on the seller’s terms. All I ask is that you only use the image for personal printing. This means you shouldn’t post the image online anywhere or share it with anyone, sell it, etc. Also you shouldn’t sell the printed items you make, as the license I provide doesn’t give you the rights for this and would unfortunately be illegal.

Some of my digital prints for sale

Here are some of the digital prints I have available. Enjoy! ♥

Just Blooming, digital photograph. Digital prints.
Digital photograph of a Dandelion. Available to buy as a digital download
Phoenix rising, digital painting. Digital prints.
Digital artwork available to buy as a digital download
The Hedgehog's Nose, digital photograph. Digital prints.
Digital photograph of a hedgehog. Available to buy as a digital download