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How to pronounce eldris

A few weeks ago it struck me that “eldrisCREATIONS” may not be obvious on how to pronounce it. CREATIONS is of course creations :D But what about “eldris”? I’ll start by explaining where the name eldris came from.

The history

Back when I was a teenager (gosh, around 10 years ago now!) I loved Lord of the Rings. It was the time when the films were new, but I also read and loved the books. I joined a forum called The Barrow Downs. My username was Elentari Greenleaf. From this, I ended up running another forum called Imladris. Long story short, my username ever since has been eldris, a portmanteau of the two names.

The pronunciation

But how to pronounce it? Hopefully now that you know it comes from the words “Elentari” and “Imladris” you’ll have a good idea. But let’s split it into parts just to be 100% sure!

El – as in elf, without the f
Dris – sounds like Chris

I double checked a text-to-speech site and fortunately it agrees with my on the pronunciation! Huzzah!