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Fix Facebook link preview showing old Etsy shop announcement

Hi guys! I quite often see people on Facebook wondering why, when they make a post, it shows an old version of their Etsy shop announcement in the link previews. I always knew why this happened – Facebook saves (caches) a version of the text so they don’t have to go and look it up every time, which saves them precious server resources. However, I never knew how to fix the problem. Until now!

I have discovered a great tool provided by Facebook themselves, the Facebook Debugger Tool. Here are the simple steps for clearing out the old version of your Etsy shop announcement and getting the new version cached.


  1. Go to the tool and enter your Etsy shop address in the text box and click “Debug“. You need to be logged in to Facebook.
  2. Scroll down until you see the “og:description” row. This is your shop announcement. Check if the text is correct. If it is, you’re all good! If it’s an old version of your Etsy shop announcement, follow the next step.
  3. Scroll back up to the box where you entered your shop address. You will see a new button “Fetch new scrape information“. Click this and Facebook will go off and re-read your Etsy shop page, including your announcement. Re-check the announcement text via Step 2, it should now be correct!

Et voila! The next time you post your Etsy shop to Facebook the link preview will show the correct shop announcement. If you follow these steps each time you change your Etsy shop announcement and the Facebook link preview will always be correct. :)

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