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Pretty gift wrapping shows customers they’re important

When it comes to my customers, I want to make sure everything is perfect for them. Adding gift wrapping to orders can make your customers feel really special. Happy customers make me happy, and perhaps they will return and buy again.

I think my standard packaging is fairly pretty: the item is wrapped in tissue paper, placed in a white organza bag and I add a blank gift card (handmade by me of course!). But when someone asks me to send a gift directly to the recipient I make sure the gift wrapping is extra special!

I’ve now updated most of my Etsy listings to have a variation giving the following options:

Is this a gift?

  1. No
  2. Yes, deliver to me
  3. Yes, deliver directly

For options 1 and 2, I deliver to the buyer and include my standard packaging. These options are effectively the same, but it is really great for me to know when something is a gift – it helps me know how to market my items effectively.

Option 3 is where I step the packaging up and make it look extra nice with gift wrapping. I also message the buyer to see if they would like a message to be included in the gift card, which I get my husband to hand-write (his writing is beautiful. Mine is not). Here is a picture of a gift order I sent out today:

Example photo of gift wrapping for an eldrisCREATIONS shop order
Free gift wrapping example

My customer picked the card colour and the message to go inside, then I picked some lovely paper and ribbon to go with it. I have to make sure that even with the gift wrapping, the order will still fit in it’s postage class. For this, it usually goes as a Royal Mail Large Letter, so the package needed to fit through a 2.5cm gap! Luckily it did without any need for adjustments, phew!

Don’t over do it

Don’t over do your gift wrapping. While some people will appreciate it, others will think it is a waste. Include only what is necessary to help protect the item and make it look nice. Being wrapped in tissue paper or pretty paper with a bow can work well. However, things like free gifts or excess business cards can turn customers off.

Why? Because it seems wasteful. I’ve seen many sellers talk about packaging on Etsy social media groups. The consensus is almost always that customers want their item to arrive safely in nice packaging, but that over the top gift wrapping can make them feel like they were over charged or that the seller is wasteful.

What about including one business card?

I’m sure that some customers do keep business cards, so it could be worth including them. However, I choose not to include a business card. I’m a frequent buyer on Etsy and have only once kept a business card, because the item happened to have a pocket – I thought I could help the seller out by carrying the business card. I shared the business card when I had a chance, but it was handed back to me. I eventually threw it out. It’s not the customer’s job to help you advertise.

What about repeat business without a business card?

Your customers don’t need your business card to find you. If they want to order again they will look up their order either in their email or on Etsy. I think business cards are best for selling in person or to give out to those interested in your wares.