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Bead supplies Facebook group – UK Bead Exchange

Screenshot of the UK Bead Exchange Facebook group's cover photo
UK Bead Exchange cover image

Hi everyone! A few days ago I was invited to join a Facebook group called UK Bead Exchange. It’s making good use of Facebook’s new feature allowing you to¬†sell items in posts in Facebook groups. It is very active with new “for sale” posts every few hours and the users are all very nice.

I’d certainly recommend you request an invite directly on the group’s page if you are looking for bead supplies. So far I’ve seen a great variety in colours, quantities and types of beads all at reasonable prices.

It’s a closed group so I will respect the posters privacy and not put any details of the supplies here, but I will tell you had I not already spent a small fortune on beads and not yet sold any pieces I would be buying things posted in the group. It’s very hard to resist all all of these fantastic bead supplies!

I love groups like this because you can talk directly to your supplier, make requests and even barter on the price if you’re brave enough! The group also asks people to be upfront about the postage prices so you really know what you’re getting. It’s very well managed. Recently the founder wanted to clear out the sold items but was kind enough to ask if everyone was ok with that before they went ahead.

If anyone else had good sources of bead supplies or other jewellery supplies or you are a supplier yourself please feel free to leave a comment! Are there any other jewellery making communities you enjoy?