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Canva is a must for Etsy sellers

I was introduced to late last year by some other Etsy sellers. I was impressed right away! I wanted to give it some time before shouting out about it though, in case something negative cropped up. I’d hate to send anyone to a tool with unexpected charges or bugs.

In the ~6 months I’ve used Canva I haven’t found a single bug, let alone anything functionality breaking. Mark me impressed, because normally I manage to find something wrong with a website! A few areas could be improved, such as the loading of more graphic items can be a little laggy. Overall, I find it remarkably smooth and easy to use.

I’ll admit, I’ve not tried any of the paid features, so I don’t know how payment for non-free graphical elements works. Also, I do run Adblock Plus, so I’m not sure if their ads break anything!

All in all though it’s so incredibly useful. I can now make things I would have avoided even trying, because I’m no good with vector graphics. It’s so easy to move things around. Little guidelines pop up if the borders of what you’re dragging are in line with another border or the centre of another object. So useful!

The free graphics objects and fonts are really beautiful too, hence I’ve not yet needed to pay for any elements. One of the paid features is to be able to upload your own font to use, so I can imagine that would be really good for people who paid for a font for their old-style Etsy banner.

I love Canva! I am dying to come up with things that I need to make for an excuse to use it more.


Things I made using Canva

A few of the things I’ve made for my Etsy shop using this amazing (free!) tool are below. Please feel free to share your makes in the comments!